Attracting Wealth DIY Feng Shui Door Wreath.

Attracting wealth and good fortune using the art and science of Feng Shui (Wind, Water translation) can be achieved in many forms and schools. This article is all about using art and science along with basic principles of Feng Shui. How to bring wealth and good fortune to your front entrance and door itself? How about also being able to DIY? There are many ways to attract welcoming energy along with wealth to the front entrance of your living space. I will be introducing you to a world of DIY wreaths for your homefront.

First let’s start with a little catch-up about Feng Shui and how to attract the wealth and prosperity energy into your home or office. Feng Shui is all about attracting positive energy flow. In this article the Chi (lifeforce) will be referenced. Chi energy comes in both positive and negative energies. There are so many imaginative and creative ways to create and manifest wealth energies. Doing it yourself adds a boost of positive flow as it manifests and connects you to the wreath and intention or desire for wealth plus it’s fun and decorative.

Let’s talk about two ways in particular used in Feng Shui to attract wealth and also have a couple of extra boosts as well. Feng Shui energy (Chi) manifests itself in many forms. It manifests it’s energies using Yin & Yang concepts also incorporating the elements theory used in the practice of Feng Shui; Earth,Fire, Water, Wood and Metal. Now each of the elements also are interacting in cycles productive and destructive along with cardinal directions of Feng Shui; North, South, East, West, NW, NE, SW, SE. Colors and shapes each have their own connection with an element or direction. Taking these into account for where the door is in relation to the directions, elements, and sectors of bagua in this case the wealth sector. Now it’s just a matter of gathering the information and finding the perfect wreath for that front door.

The Wealth sector in Feng Shui and the prime two areas are the SE(is all about accumulating assets and enjoy prosperity luck) and in second place is N (this assures the stability of the money coming in job, career and not losing that energy). If the front door is already in these directions then wealth is doubly blessed. What if your door isn’t in either of those directions don’t worry that’s why you are here to find out and create a wreath for your front doorway and manifest wealth. Quick little tid-bit being that this is the period 8 in the flying star the SW has great power to change the financial situations.

Grab a compass if aren’t sure what direction your door faces. A good way to think in terms of direction is the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Getting these two in line will help lay out North and South. Glad your back. Let’s continue. Two wreaths have been chosen to be the DIY projects for manifesting wealth into your household.

Wreath One: Money Tree Wreath

Money Plants aka Lunaria Annua have purple flowers in the spring the second year they bloom. These are also available dried and artificial online.

Foam wreath (a flat wreath would be better but I used a stand green foam wreath as that is what I had on hand).
Tin foil (you don’t need this if you are using a white foam wreath)
Dried stems
Mirror (optional)
Floral wire
I wrapped the green foam wreath in tin foil, I could have spray painted it white but I chose the faster easier route of covering the wreath in foil. I used some floral wire and attached a few stems sporadically around the wreath. Then I just filled in the empty spots (you don’t have to wire all the stems, just the first few secured to the wreath will hold the rest in place). I chose to use a mirror in the middle of my wreath for an added sparkle of light!. One of the things I love about these stems is how versatile they are, you can use them during all 4 seasons of the year! Another clever and crafty idea is to add a few gold coins to the mix.

There are several ways to make this your own by adding jewels like gold, silver, emeralds.If you choose not to keep the mirror then this is a grand place to put the above mentioned items. Keeping the mirror is also a good way to bring in wealth and energy. It also represents the water element which is a good element for low and tidings of abundance.

The above image is a good mirror as to what yours should look like when completed. Take it outside and hang it up on the freshly cleaned and tidied front door.




I am not conventional in any shape or form. I believe death is beautiful and suicide is a dirty word. Art is life and life is art. I am a nudist by nature.

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Paula A. Death Doula

Paula A. Death Doula

I am not conventional in any shape or form. I believe death is beautiful and suicide is a dirty word. Art is life and life is art. I am a nudist by nature.

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